Two-Tone Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch

This Rolex Day-Date fake two-tone watch proved to be quite popular among my friends and like many other replica Rolex watch I reviewed on my blog, it ended up in one of my friend’s collection . I waited on him to do a wear and tear test on her and so far so good, “The results” came back showing good time keeping and a good general mix in. A casual / chic type anyway, he knows how to wear. I on the other hand think this model is fairly average and by what I mean the appearance and feel of it (although it is a yellow gold plated replica Rolex classic watch watches) are still not that Pretentious and not a very elegant model.


Replica Rolex Day-Date Two-Tone Watch

There is a good shine on the polished yellow gold Roman numerals and the 12-hour Rolex logo. Also the hands have the same looks and feel. The dial is silver with good marks, Rolex engravings on the inside bezel so good and genuine looks everywhere. Bubbled yellow gold ring and crown give it this more expensive look. Case is actually fully brushed and this is the great Day-Date fake watch case not the smallest medium. This makes it a little cooler and a more recent model, just like the Datejust replica I reviewed on Tuesday.

The weight is good and the Japanese automatic movement has always proven reliable and accurate. I barely had any problems with the automatic Japanese movements that I bought over the years, but again, I always put copies back and forth. Yet, I would have known and received bad feedback if something was wrong. Best alternative for inexpensive quality quality watches so far in my book. The presidential bracelet also looks good and matches the original. Easy to adjust as it has screws for easy tie removal.

I am pleased to replicate you luxury watch this piece before I gave it because I think this is a good example of how a good quality Rolex Day-Date replica watch should look like. Even though this model is almost as simple as what they get and been around forever you would be amazed how often it is to find it in good quality and with all the details matching the original. As the Datejust the Day-Date comes in so much variety that keeping an actual track of all the models ever made is virtually impossible. That is why, when you get a good quality piece of good quality, you are all together and carefree. Now, please press play and check out the video. Let me know what you think.

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