6 leisurely watch the fish theme element

Lead: China since ancient times “carp leaping,” said Yu who become, to cement, so people often koi a blessing to others, Message “luck and happiness.” Fun fish lively spirit and full of joy atmosphere, ideal for playing appreciate. The master watchmakers and fish will move to the watch, jewelery or intricate process of re-interpretation, do not have some fun. (Source: Yoka Men’s Network)

CHAUMET Chaumet Lumières d’eau water Light “Light Lin” in series of high gold diamond set jewelry table

CHAUMET Chaumet Lumières d’eau water Light “Light Lin” in series of high gold diamond set jewelry table

The Chaumet jewelry table will be set high above the fish use the dial, and the boundaries of the dial has not been the detention bezel design, golden fish seemed to swim from the edge of the dial into the dial-like, yellow sapphire and bellows-like winding contour intertwined, omega replica uk shine auspicious light. . Case 18K gold, diameter 35 mm, bezel set with two rows of 119 bright style cut diamonds (0.77 carats) from seven to 10 at carving decorative fish, “CHAUMET” engraved on the side of the 8:00 position. Crown set with a rose-cut diamonds (0.10 carats). Decorated with white lacquer dial hand-engraved wave pattern, mosaic 13 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.18 ct.). Even automatic watermarks are engraved pattern winding movement ETA2000-1 pendulum Tuo.

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet watch Carpe Koï

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet watch Carpe Koï

Carpe Koï bracelet watch echoes the Palais de la chance ™ fortunate palace advanced jewelry series of the same name ring design celebrates nature. Koi cast to shape this gold watch, Van Cleef & Arpels is the epitome of oriental culture obsessed. Orange fish, smooth lines, harmonious proportions, giving people a sense of complete harmony. Koi is the embodiment of love, decorated with the colors of the quiet Zen garden views, bring a trace of anger in full tranquility. At the same time, known as a symbol of perseverance temperament countercurrent koi also courage and power and on. Carpe Koï bracelet watch reflects the craftsmanship Van Cleef & Arpels Mains d’Or ™ gold hands. While this unique masterpiece with 8,000 colored stones inlaid, intricate hand is after 3450 hours to build, together formed brainchild. By the Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels carefully selected ultimate gem colorful, and every family are in line with the highest quality requirements.

Fish inlaid yellow sapphire and golden manganese aluminum garnet, progressive layers to create a gradient color. In 帕拉伊巴碧 Xi interwoven blue and white diamonds vortex ripples, people get a glimpse of the quiet deep underwater world. Simply tap the fish to watch shackle release. While this harmony of elegant jewelry watches work, the overall precious stones inlaid dial hidden in the fish head, so that the wearer can read the time low-key, unique subtle flavor.

Chopard Happy Fish watch

Chopard Happy Fish watch

Launched in 2002, Happy Fish Happy Sport watch series is the course of development carry the tripod, this watch from Caroline • Schaefer (Caroline Scheufele) designed in 1993, the subversion of conventional watchmaking, using unprecedented the combination of materials: stainless steel and diamonds. Full of modern lines and materials of interest in music and Happy Diamonds Spirit perfect fit. This year, Happy Fish Series Adds new. New Happy Fish watch a harmonious blend of turquoise and gold K, a grace elegant fish skyrocketing, its smooth curves and subtle movements also clearly visible in the night, with mother of pearl carved craft, fish vivid, lifelike . Exquisite harmony arced shape gold leaf embellishment, giving the picture light soft and delicate halo effect of light and shadow, and gradient snowflake mosaic sapphire dial is make more bright colors, beautiful. 7 crystal light diamond bright swirling over the rolling waves ethereal dancing. On the bottom of the green curtain, like a sea pearl ruby ​​fish eye, eye-catching. Klockor Kopior Bezel set with three different sizes of diamonds, staggered to watch added a touch soft rhyme and bright crystal light, and 18K rose gold case is with white pearl alligator leather strap, equipped with self-winding movement.

Boucheron EPURE D’ART Art Series AMA watch goldfish theme

Boucheron EPURE D’ART Art Series AMA watch goldfish theme

Epure series, this piece from a new point of view to show the interpretation of the soft fish, freedom and delicate. At the heart of this timepiece a Smart “fish” floating through, or “flying tourbillon.” Blue mother of pearl dial decorated like cascading waves, spray center is decorated with a four karats of diamonds. Three-dimensional image of the fish and vivid, as if cruising in mother of pearl in the ocean. The head portion decorated with diamonds, the tail is used hollow design, as in the above blue waves kept swimming. Caudal part of the same diamond-paved, well-proportioned, and sketched out a distinctive profile. Engraved case back design is borrowed from Fontaine Square No. 26 lighting effects. Feder Lieke • Boucheron’s famous quote, “I count only joyful hours” (I count only happy moments) engraved on it, for this amazing timepieces add the finishing touch.

Jacques de Micro-painted koi hours small dial watch (Petite Heure Minute The Carps), Reference Model: J005013203

Jacques de Micro-painted koi hours small dial watch

Jaquet Droz watchmakers drawn from Great pond Koi swim in inspiration, in bright beautiful colors and delicate brush strokes to draw a vivid “Juventa koi splashing into the water sound, blue diving Gambhir Tour” fine paintings. 39 mm 18K rose gold case with jade, ivory-colored fire enamel dial, showing a delicate moist texture. Watch mirror with a sapphire crystal glass table mirror with anti-glare treatment, clear display, showing a classic dome design beautifully retro look. Carved replicas relojes españa on simple shapes 18K rose gold crown has two Yakedeluo seven-pointed star LOGO, a symbol of its brand identity.

This watch with a brown alligator strap small plaid, brown and rose gold with a classic elegant look. This watch of moderate thickness, 18K rose gold steel case by fine grinding, showing a fine luster of precious metals. Lugs are more slender shape viewed from the front, showing exquisite and elegant style, the side you can see the designer’s unique intentions, a rounded knuckle so watch more fit the curvature of the wrist, comfortable to wear. This watch with a simple and elegant 18K rose lily buckle, modeling simple, easy to use, top clasp printed with a Yakedeluo LOGO, a symbol of the quality of its brand.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, While this movement is equipped with double-barrel, power reserve up to 68 hours, the movement vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour, beautifully decorated with sun pattern pendulum Tuo , the splint is carving exquisite Genève, in addition Yakedeluo unique clover hidden mark can also be seen in the movement, it symbolizes the “lucky.”

Vacheron Constantin maestro “fish” watch, ¥ 880,000

Vacheron Constantin maestro “fish” watch

Dutch contemporary painter and sculptor M. C. Escher (Maurits CornelisEscher, 1898-1972) on the flat paved klockor replika patterned love from a trip to Spain. Him on the brick Greenwood (Grenada) Alhambra (Alhambra) and the Mosque of Cordoba ((Cordoba Mosque) and other Moorish architecture, we see a lot of planar paved checkerboard mosaic of patterns, from these mosaic plot and its symmetrical design, the plane can learn how to do division and pattern fill method closely without leaving gaps.

Love at first sight on the ancient art of Escher, he began to actively interpret, classify and describe various methods arranged in a pattern, while constantly looking to replace the other image or design abstract geometric shapes, making the composition more rich and varied. Escher art paintings enviable performance and imagination, his skilled use of the visual senses and reason to create but can only exist in a plane full of a sense of space and a new picture of things. Eventually, the top visual artists paintings became Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art Les Univers Infinis watch making craft dial source of inspiration.

This watch combines machine engraved pattern and decorative filigree enamel arts. Tone shades of blue and gray mix together to create a group of fish swim scene.

Métiers d’Art – when Les Univers Infinis “fish” 2460 SC self-winding movement / 18k platinum / watch diameter 4 0 mm /, minutes, seconds indication / face plate making binding machine carved carved, filigree enamel and other processes / sapphire crystal case back / water 30 meters.

Escher is also often appear in paintings of fish, a symbol of his love of the ocean Mu. Green, glowing blue as the Mediterranean sea waves and waves of fish leisurely in the sun is also a transparent blue enamel golden outline contour of the figure and a silver dazzle the eye.

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