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But then a rolex replica watches completely different set of watches evolved which had more than just the function of showing time. These are referred to as geek watches. Examples of geek watches include those that have gps receivers installed in them. There are also watches that have a heart rate monitor and that display the number of calories that have been burned. You might

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wonder that it’s okay to have a heart rate monitor on a watch. Obviously there’s nothing wrong in having an extra feature in your watch if it is going to help you in leading a healthy life. But the sophistication does not end there. Built into these watches, along with the heart rate monitor, are programs that can develop training programs for you and rolex replica watches can give you feedback about the workout that you just had.

Then there are watches that completely change the way the time is displayed. There are some watches that show time as a binary code! There are LEDs in the watches which are assigned to numbers rolex replica watches and rolex replica watches you just have to calculate the values of the LEDs that light up for you to know the time. It would be lots of rolex replica watches fun to check the time instead of the boring analog or digital watches that people wear. And the watch, with all its glowing LEDs, would look very cool on the wrist too. There are other watches whose displays look very complicated and confusing, rolex replica watches but once you get the hang of it, they are very easy to operate. And these have displays that look like as if they are made by an alien,

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which only adds to the thrill of wearing one!


Then there are designs that, looking at the features, give you the feeling that you are a top secret spy. Why else would one want to have an in-built video camera and microphone along with a storage rolex replica watches space of 8 GB? And they are also compatible with contemporary computer operating systems so that the videos that rolex replica watches you shoot can be played on any computer. And to make matters even simpler, they come with all the necessary accessories that are required to make it work effectively. There are some other designs which have an LED screen in which movies can be watched. And of course, even these watches come with a storage capacity to load your favourite videos.

There are designs that can completely blow your mind. If you take the case of a Japanese company which made a watch that will allow you to have an accurate rendition of space on the dial of the watch, you will begin to feel what the limitless possibilities could be. Also, companies are rolex replica watches linking their cell phones to specially made watches so that the users need not even have to take out their phones to find out who is calling them. That information would be displayed on the watch itself and the call can be answered using the watch itself! There are watches which have the various measuring instruments like thermometer, barometer, etc to give the users a multi utility instrument. There rolex replica watches are devices that can be operated using a stylus and others which are powered by solar energy.


With so many different geek watches that seem to be available, you might be wondering why you haven’t seen them in any of your local watch shops. The thing is, even though there are various useful features in all of them, they are not mass manufactured. They are only built in a limited edition and are priced high, so the local watch shops do not keep them in stock. The best place to search for geek watches is the internet. There are various shopping websites that keep stock of these kinds of watches and all that we need to do is browse through them to find out the watch that we would like to have rolex replica watches.


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